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  • I wrestled with the thought of immigration for years. It is a big decision and I didn’t want to make a choice that wouldn’t be right for my family and I. I did plenty of research alone and even tried reaching out to various consultants and I was just unable to find the right program fit for me. I had looked at all programs offered in the U.S. and Canada, and decided to give it a shot, but this unfortunately ended in a refusal.

    Despite being upset and disappointed about this, I knew coming to the United States or Canada was best for us, and I didn’t give up. This is when I stumbled across When I accessed, I found it was nothing but extremely easy to use. The program was able to ask me a series of questions to run me through the entire eligibility for all immigration programs in Canada. even went as far as making sure my whole family was considered in the application and that we would be able to utilize a program that would keep us all together in the process.

    After less than 5 minutes of answering the questions in the chatbot, was able to provide me with federal and provincial programs that would be suitable for my family and I. There were two programs that I took particular interest in and fit me well.

    Not only did seamlessly provide me with immigration programs that I was eligible for, it also referred me to a lawyer who specialized in just those particular programs. I was able to get the contact information for that lawyer and within only a couple days I had a consultation and the process was underway!

    It was such a relief and convenient to have everything available at my fingertips. It was such a nice experience, and I would recommend to anyone looking for quick and efficient information about immigration programs. I wish I knew about this program years before to avoid the headache of previous rejection.