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    With millions of people searching the web for the right immigration resources, you can get qualified leads specific to your area of immigration expertise from all over the world

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    Focus on your expertise

    Every program requires in-depth expertise to provide the highest success rate to your clients. allows you to use your expertise to the fullest by finding clients that specifically fit into your area of expertise.

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    Provide latest updates to your staff and clients

    With 88+ Canadian Immigration programs and new ones getting introduced and/or current ones getting modified, it's an uphill task even for a qualified Lawyer or a licensed RCIC to stay on the top. Expecting your staff to stay on top and provide accurate information to clients is almost impossible - unless they use


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Determine your eligibility for 88+ immigration programs

Our agent can intelligently check your profile against more than 88 immigration programs to make travelling to Canada easy

Save time

Get all the information you need in one location! We have information about every program easily accessible in one place.

Built by immigration experts

Our artificial intelligence is built and updated by licensed Canadian immigration professionals, so you know the information is reliable!

Free forever

Our artificial intelligence will always be free. You can access your results and information at anytime without paying anything!

Free, up-to-date information

We provide you with all the latest information you need to understand the basics of Canadian immigration.

Easy to use interface

Our agent provides information through conversations making it easier than ever to access information.

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We at Ace Law Barristers & Solicitors LLP found to be an indispensable tool to help both our clients and case workers.

Shireen Kapoor

Shireen Kapoor
Ace Law Barristers & Solicitors LLP

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